[osg-users] Texture Memory supposed leak

Argentieri, John-P63223 John.Argentieri at gdc4s.com
Fri Oct 12 07:56:18 PDT 2007

To clarify,
I create OpenGL contexts, not osg::GraphicsContexts, and use a sceneview
per window. If switching to osg::GraphicsContext would fix my texture
memory issues, I would do it. If that is the case, is there a good
example of using a osgUtil::SceneView with a osg::GraphicsContext that
someone can refer me to?


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I read a message concerning texture memory cleanup. Robert asked the
user if he was opening and closing contexts. I am also having texture
memory issues, and I AM opening and closing contexts. How are these two
things related?

Thanks for your help. 


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