[osg-users] Multipassshading in OSG v1.2

Poirier, Guillaume Guillaume.Poirier at nrc-cnrc.gc.ca
Fri Oct 12 07:06:17 PDT 2007

I've seen a lot of posts lately regarding multi-pass shading. I think 
the core osg should probably offer more high level capabilities wrt
shaders. I am attaching some code I've made that works for me to do
what I call "ModelEffects" (multi-pass shaders on models) and "PostEffects"
(multi-pass post-rendering on screen) that work with both Cg and glsl. I am not
a good programmer but this might maybe help some people. I tried to include
some high-level functionality that I thought would be helpful, for example
render scene depth in a 32-bit float buffer or create "PostEffects" with multiple
passes of different render target sizes, for example to perform reduction
on the GPU (obtain buffer min/max values in final 1x1 texture).

The osgFX / osgNV was a good step in the direction of high-level shader constructs
but it did not support glsl and unfortunately the project is on halt.

It would also be interesting to see in the future how shaders could be
combined in a scene graph hierarchy. I've not worked with the nvidia scene
graph but I would be curious to see its multiple shader combination 
capabilities. Perhaps this is something that we should investigate...

I would also take a look at Sh that looks very good on the architecture
standpoint and high-level capabilities (http://libsh.org/).



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Hello all,

thanks for the answers! I have tried a look to the osgFX and to the
source code (thanks Christian).

One question I have. See I that right that I can just use Multipass
sading at the time in OSG. I have to write my own solution like what
you have posted Christian, or do the inflexibility way?
I think about it, because I have to use it in my diploma thesis and at
the time we don't know in wisch way we have to use the shading. So
maybe it is good to do an onw solution.

Christian, from your expiriance how long you meen it takes to get
thinks with an own solution running?

Thanks a lot,

On 10/11/07, Swen Walkowski <usedformailinglists at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> i try to do Multipassshading in OSG v1.2.
> I have written my own shader class in the class I use the osg::shader
> for shading. At the time my shading code looks like that:
> Shader::Shader(void) {
>  //creating program
>  program = new osg::Program;
>  //creating shader
>  vertShader = new osg::Shader(osg::Shader::VERTEX);
>  fragShader = new osg::Shader(osg::Shader::FRAGMENT);
> }
> Shader::~Shader(void) {
> }
> void Shader::apply(osg::StateSet& state) {
>  state.setAttributeAndModes(program, osg::StateAttribute::ON);
>  vertShader->loadShaderSourceFromFile("shaders/Fixed_Functionality.vert");
>  fragShader->loadShaderSourceFromFile("shaders/Fixed_Functionality.frag");
>  program->addShader(vertShader);
>  program->addShader(fragShader);
>  //parameterize the shader with video texture (0 by default)
>  state.addUniform(new osg::Uniform("texture", 0));
>  posXUniform = new osg::Uniform("posX", (float)0.0);
>  posYUniform = new osg::Uniform("posY", (float)0.0);
>  intensityUniform = new osg::Uniform("intensity", (float)1.0);
>  radiusUniform = new osg::Uniform("radius", (float)0.2);
>  state.addUniform(posXUniform);
>  state.addUniform(posYUniform);
>  state.addUniform(intensityUniform);
>  state.addUniform(radiusUniform)
> }
> That works well.
> Now i try to add an secend shading pass. I have read a lot over
> rendering to texture (RTT) in OSG in the mailinglist. So I tryed to
> find the examples or something in the OSG documentation.But without
> luke.
> Hope someone can tell me were I find the documentation for
> Multipassshading in OSG or an example or maybe how it works.
> Thangs,
> Swen
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