[osg-users] rendering edges of an object

andrej spilak spilak.lists at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 02:53:52 PDT 2007

John Donovan pravi:
> andrej spilak wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I've exported an object from SolidWorks and stored it in .osg format. 
>> Now I'm trying to get rendered the edges of an object (without triangles 
>> as are seen in wireframe in the osgviewer - only the edges wireframe). 
>> What would be best possible solution(s) to achieve this? I'd like to 
>> have those in my version of a viewer later as a separate view option (or 
>> both at the same time)
>> Thanks in advance, andrej
> If you want a silhouette, then a neat trick is to render your mesh as normal.
> Then set line thickness to some value, and depth-test to EQUAL, and render
> back-faces instead of front-faces in wireframe.
> An alternative would be to use RTT and apply an edge filter via a fragment shader.
> -J
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I'd like to know whether "hidden line removed" (silhouette edges) 
rendering can be achieved with OccluderGeometry class ?
In addition, i have found Shi Yazheng's article 
implementing SEDGeode, which seems a good solution for us. So i'm asking 
you which approach you suggest us to take and if there is some better 
support in further releases to be expected.

best regards, andrej

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