[osg-users] Please test SVN version of OpenSceneGraph

Alberto Luaces aluaces at udc.es
Thu Oct 11 01:44:45 PDT 2007


El Wednesday 10 October 2007 20:02:17 Brian Keener escribió:
> Replies below:
> Alberto Luaces wrote:
> > What I'm planning to do is to set the CYGWIN environment variable to
> >
> > CYGWIN=error_start=[path_to_gdb]gdb.exe
> >
> > so gdb is called when a program crashes. Then I'll be able to get a stack
> > trace and see where the crash happened.
> Is that the syntax - I can try it and see what I get.

Yes it is. On my system, I have to type in the Cygwin's shell:

export CYGWIN=error_start=c:\\cygwin\\bin\\gdb.exe

when the program crashes, gdb is started and you can begin your inspection.

> > Another way is to attach gdb to a hanging process in order to also get
> > the stack trace. I'll post any progress.
> Good - you can explain Cygwin PIDs to me.  When I run one of the osg
> examples from a bash prompt in Cygwin it appears the PID I am seeing does
> not always match the PID that Windows Task Manager is showing.  I actually
> have my Cygwin set up so it passes through login.exe before starting
> bash.exe and you never see the pid for bash shell but instead see the entry
> for Bash with  a pid that belongs to the Login process so it becomes
> difficult to know where to attach.

Well, I didn't had time to try this yet, but my plan was to run the program in 
the background

$ osgviewer cow.osg &

see what PID returns the shell and use it to attach gdb:

$ gdb osgviewer PID

As I said, this procedure is yet untested, but it is what I would do on Linux.

> > > I'll turn that on and try a build.  Three questions:
> > >
> > > Do you have X installed in your Cygwin?
> >
> > No. Do you have any reason for using it? We could also see that.
> For OSG - no,  but I do like using X for some things and just to
> experiment.

Ok, anyway it seems that it isn't interfering in the build now.


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