[osg-users] Searcing for raytracer implementation based on OSG

Jean-Sébastien Guay jean-sebastien.guay at polymtl.ca
Wed Oct 10 16:32:30 PDT 2007

Hello Adrian,

> KD-Tree...[5804:100000]
> KD-Tree Build Time      =       0.078817s
>         + Nodes = 3437
>         + Leafs = 1719
> Intersection Time       =       2.00325s
> Triangles Checks        =      186
> Intersection Time <osg> =       27.5296s
> Total Bench Time: 29.6118s

Your work is interesting, and I wonder if I could integrate it to what  
I'm doing... Is your code fit for release?

Since Robert is taking a step back from OSG for a few weeks (see his  
post near the end of last week), I don't think this will get  
integrated to the core soon, but I would sure appreciate if I could  
use it on my local version of OSG for my Masters work. It would make  
my things run a lot faster!

At the very least, getting someone to use it would get you a first  
review and therefore it would be a first step towards improving it for  
later inclusion.

Thanks in advance, and good work,

Jean-Sebastien Guay     jean-sebastien.guay at polymtl.ca

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