[osg-users] Please test SVN version of OpenSceneGraph

Brian Keener brianklistacct at alltel.net
Wed Oct 10 11:02:17 PDT 2007

Replies below:

Alberto Luaces wrote:
> What I'm planning to do is to set the CYGWIN environment variable to 
> CYGWIN=error_start=[path_to_gdb]gdb.exe
> so gdb is called when a program crashes. Then I'll be able to get a stack 
> trace and see where the crash happened.

Is that the syntax - I can try it and see what I get.
> Another way is to attach gdb to a hanging process in order to also get the 
> stack trace. I'll post any progress.

Good - you can explain Cygwin PIDs to me.  When I run one of the osg examples 
from a bash prompt in Cygwin it appears the PID I am seeing does not always 
match the PID that Windows Task Manager is showing.  I actually have my 
Cygwin set up so it passes through login.exe before starting bash.exe and you 
never see the pid for bash shell but instead see the entry for Bash with  a 
pid that belongs to the Login process so it becomes difficult to know where 
to attach.
> > I'll turn that on and try a build.  Three questions:
> >
> > Do you have X installed in your Cygwin?
> No. Do you have any reason for using it? We could also see that.

For OSG - no,  but I do like using X for some things and just to experiment.


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