[osg-users] PickHandler Class on Quick Start Guide

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The code shown in the book is just a snippet. You should download and
compile the full examples from the book's Web site.
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I think some kind of error occurred when I've tried to send this message to
the mailing list, so just to be sure, here it is again:

Hello again, everyone.

I've got another question on EventHandlers, but specifically on the
PickHandler class that was shown on the Quick Start Guide (please reference
to this book as to understand my question, pages 101-104 (115 of the PDF

So that I could learn a little bit more about the subject I've tried simply
copying the class and the main function to a .cpp file, then I've created a
simple scene and have tried to compile this code.

The error messages were abundant but they were all related in some way to
_selectedNode. Is this identifier correct? Am I missing the point here
somewhere? I mean, is this the place where I should write something of my

Sorry if my questions are too obvious, but I really couldn't figure it out
after reading and re-reading...

Renan M Z Mendes

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