[osg-users] Slave cameras in a view

David Callu ledocc at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 04:43:01 PDT 2007

Hi Karl

2007/10/10, Karl Heijdenberg <karl.heijdenberg.osg at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to add two cameras to one View in compositeViewer.
> The first camera is added as a master camera and the second as a slave
> camera.

other correct me if I am wrong, frustum is map on interval [0, XWindowSize]
and [0, YWindowSize]

Frustums for the cameras:
> master={-50, 0, -40, 40}
> slave={0, 50, -40, 40}
> For the first camera I set the projectionMatrix with
> setProjectionMatrixAsFrustum.
> How do I calculate the projectionOffset for the slave camera?

during update of camera position, the projection matrix for slaveis compute
as this
slaveCamera->setProjectionMatrix( masterCamera->getProjectionMatrix() *
slaveCamera->getProjectionOffset() );
idem for the view matrix and the viewOffset.

The offset is needed in call to addSlave(osg::Camera* camera,const
> osg::Matrix& projectionOffset, const osg::Matrix& viewOffset, bool
> useMastersSceneData=true);
> I've also tried to set the reference frame to
> ABSOLUTE_RF_INHERIT_VIEWPOINT and then call the setProjectionMatrixAsFrustum
> for both cameras. This test ended up in a black scene for the second camera.
> Am I missing something?
> Thanks, Karl
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