[osg-users] Build Errors Mac OSX

Stephan Huber ratzfatz at digitalmind.de
Tue Oct 9 13:09:12 PDT 2007

Marcus Fritzen schrieb:
>> Have you added the frameworks to your project? They should reside in
>> /Library/FrameWorks. Drop them into your project and rebuild.
> Yes they are in this folder. What do you mean with drop them into  
> your project? I am really new to Mac and Xcode :(
The online-help is perhaps a first ressource for further questions 
regarding basic Xcode usage ;)
Open your xcode-project, go to the "Project-menu" and choose "Add to 
project", navigate to the osg-frameworks and add them to your projects. 
That should do the trick.

> Thank, I dowloaded them and copied them to Library/.../Applications  
> like mentioned in the video, but the template does not appear when I  
> try to start a new project :(
I don't know what went wrong, but you can open the project in xcode and 
save it as your own.


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