[osg-users] Build Errors Mac OSX

Stephan Maximilian Huber ratzfatz at digitalmind.de
Tue Oct 9 08:55:44 PDT 2007


Marcus Fritzen schrieb:
> I am really new to Mac OSX. I have never used XCode before. So i have  
> installed the Mac OSX binaries 2.0 from the website. I have set up a  
> new XCode project and so on. When I want to build the code i get the  
> error undefined symbols and this means everythings with osg. 
Have you added the frameworks to your project? They should reside in 
/Library/FrameWorks. Drop them into your project and rebuild.

> So I  
> guess the osg files were not found. I have watched the osg youtube  
> videos and there is a template described which unfortunatelly is not  
> included with the binaries or am i wrong? Any help is welcome.
You are right, the template is missing from the binary release. You can 
check it out vie subversion from 


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