[osg-users] Highlighting with OSG

santosh santosh at darshan3d.com
Sun Oct 7 06:12:20 PDT 2007

Daniel Moos wrote:

>Hi @all
>I'm new here and I try to make a "simple" hightlighting effect with 
>OpenSceneGraph. I want to highlight triangles, vertexes and lines from a 
>loaded model by picking it with the mouse.
>The picking isn't the problem. But how can I make a highlighting effect? For 
>example change the color of the object...
>A second Question...
>If I loaded a model into my scene. Where can I get a list with all the 
>triangles and its vertexes?
>Thank you!
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Hi Daniel

I had done one application regarding picking. In that i m highlighting 
the bounding box of hitting node.
so in after computing intersection u will get the list of nodes which is 
intersected so first node is that wich we can see. so i am getting the 
bounding box of that node by callling the function of that node . Now 
creat the geometry of that bounding box and add it to that node. here u 
have to do some type casting.


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