[osg-users] RenderingHint vs binNumber(RenderBinDetails)

Christophe Medard christophe.medard at oktal.fr
Thu Oct 4 09:35:31 PDT 2007

Sorry if the drawing isn't clear (do the images pass the mails submitted in 
the mailing list ? If so, I could quickly make a quick drawing, more clearer 
that this "verbatim" presentation...) yes E is child of A in my diagram, so 
the answer is B-A-E0-D-C-E1.

I understand that in fact you're saying than the binNumber is the draw order 
number against other children in the parent Group, evaluated in a left-first 
traversall logic. However binNumber inside drawable list of Geode are 
evaluated at once (otherwise the answer would have be B-A-E0-E1-D-C).
If can submit small pictures I may ask a last case where B as children.

I'm sorry I missed something in my second diagram (there is no multipass in 
the one I submitted). In fact I'm wondering about that situation 
(encountered in a personnal shadowMap implementation) :

  osg::Group "Root"
       |                   |                               |
       |                   |                               |
       |        osg::Group "B"           osg::Group "C"
       |        [binNumber = 20]      [binNumber = 30]
       |                 |                                |
     osg::Geode "A"
     [binNumber = 15]

A is child of  "Root", B and C simultaneously (therefore A is rendered three 
times, with stateset context successivley of  Root, B, and C).

Is the draw order A-B-C ?

Thanks for those explanations,

Christophe Médard
Société OKTAL (http://www.oktal.fr)
2 impasse Boudeville
31100 Toulouse (France)
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