[osg-users] Last call for feedback before 2.2

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 06:16:57 PDT 2007

Hi Andy,

On 10/4/07, Andy Skinner <Andy.Skinner at mathworks.com> wrote:
> OK, my OSG CMake makefile build failed in Tessellator.cpp.  But when I
> set the variable you added to OFF, it got past that file.  It is still
> building, and I need to run this past all my platforms, but this seems
> OK.

What I don't understand yet is why your setup is the only Mac one that
has reported a problem with the orignal GLU setup.  Have you installed
a custom version of OpenGL?  Are you using different build options?

Either way the new CMake option allows you to tweak things on any
platform to what works for you.

> The issue is broader than tesselating, because it is specifying types
> for callbacks, and the tesselator callback is just one.  If we ever add
> others, we'll need the same issue.

Potentially this could be an issue, but so far throughout the life of
the OSG project (now 8 years old) the only callback issue like this
has been the Mac tessellator callback issue.


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