[osg-users] restrictive OpenSceneGraph-Data license (was: Re: camera config file?)

Melchior FRANZ mfranz at aon.at
Thu Oct 4 02:21:08 PDT 2007

* Robert Osfield -- Thursday 04 October 2007:
> The non commercial clause is there due to some of the files, most will
> actually be OK to copy and use of commercial use but to be rather safe
> than sorry the README is conservative.

"Actually OK" isn't really enough, when the license literally
forbids it. So, David can't take a camera config file, adjust
it to his needs and distribute it with a GPL project. This would
be derived work. 

> How I'd very much support the community rally around and creating a
> new data repository with everything under a much more permissive
> license.  I'm not a modeler or content creator though.

FlightGear's repository is full of free models, which you could take
under the GPL. But it's no source for OSG specific stuff. And without
free demos available it's unlikely that it ever becomes one.

Anyway, could you at least fix the embarrassing spelling of
"commercial" in the OpenSceneGraph-Data/README?  ;-)


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