[osg-users] restrictive OpenSceneGraph-Data license (was: Re: camera config file?)

Melchior FRANZ mfranz at aon.at
Thu Oct 4 01:48:07 PDT 2007


* Robert Osfield -- Thursday 04 October 2007:
> As David mentioned there are the initial configuration files now
> checked into OpenSceneGraph-Data SVN.

the license of the files in OpenSceneGraph-Data is very restrictive,
which is rather unusual for an F/OSS project. One can't even derive
his own version from one of the files and distribute it with an
(L)GPL project, due to the non-"commericial" clause. Could this,
please, be reconsidered? At least reverse the license logic to
make everything (L)GPL, *except* this and that.

FlightGear aircraft developers extracted the fire & smoke part of
cessnafire.osg and modified it, but we can't distribute anything of
that with FlightGear, as GPL explicitly allows commercial use. Is
there another, *free* source with *.osg samples demonstrating
features like particles, etc., which one can actually use?


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