[osg-users] Please test SVN version of OpenSceneGraph

Brian Keener brianklistacct at alltel.net
Wed Oct 3 16:04:37 PDT 2007

Robert Osfield wrote:
> other Cyginw users are already add the options you've added.
> As for the hang, does this only happen for osgconv, or does it happen
> when doing things like osgviewer cow.osg?

Oh yeah forgot to answer this:

BrianK at atl-lt-5783 /usr/src/OpenSceneGraph-Data
$ osgviewer cow.osg
Warning: detected OpenGL error 'invalid enumerant' after 

and then same symptom I described for osgconv.  The bash window title 
bar changes back from the program running (osgviewer now) to my current 
working directory (/usr/src/OpenSceneGraph-Data) as if it knows it is 
done but Task Manager shows the task still there and no command prompt 
comes back.


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