[osg-users] Please test SVN version of OpenSceneGraph

Brian Keener brianklistacct at alltel.net
Wed Oct 3 14:49:36 PDT 2007

Robert Osfield wrote:
> I don't know why the errors you see have popped up, the last time
> sockstream.cpp was modified was 2 months ago:


I cleared everything in my build directory again and redid ccmake and 
didn't change anything (last time I had changed the X11... To 
X11...-NOTFOUND and I generated the make.  This time I just did a 
ccmake and changed nothing.  Still got the errors in the osgdb_net 
build.  Then I started adding those CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS starting with -W 
-Wall which all that did was give me a lot more screen output and still 
error with those socket errors.  Then I cleaned everything in my build 
directory again and added the flags

-DWIN32 -DNOMINMAX -mnop-fun-dllimport -DOSG_LIBRARY

which as previously mentioned was in the old build logic.  Generated 
the make file and did a make.

This time it went all the way to 100% - no problems and I did the make 

Attempting to run "osgconv cow.osg" still results in a hang but... I 
can report the issue with the plugins is resolved.  I was able to run 
osgconv without doing any renames on the installed plugins as I have 
had to previously do.

As to the hang - this time I noticed something interesting.  I am 
running osgconv in a cygwin Bash shell and in the bash window when I 
run osgconv I see the title bar change from 
/usr/src/OpenSceneGraph-Data (which is the directory I am in ) to 
osgconv and then .....  I see it change back to 
/usr/src/OpenSceneGraph-Data after osgconv tells me the new file was 
written.  This would normally imply that the program had returned to 
the command prompt but looking at the screen the program has still not 
terminated and I have to kill it with Windows Task Manager because the 
pid for it in Cygwin is different than the pid in Task Manager and kill 
the one in Cygwin ps doesn't work but ending the osgconv process in 
Task Manager does cause it to end and create a core dump in Cygwin.

Just wanted to give you that update.


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