[osg-users] OpenSceneGraph-2.1.14 dev version released

Mihai Radu radu at cm-labs.com
Wed Oct 3 11:09:11 PDT 2007

Win Xp VisualStudio 2005

dev release 2.1.14 and latest svn
    had the double 'return' error, not warning, fixed with the provided
    compiles and runs fine

One thing of note is that when debugging examples within VisualStudio,
the first target is ZERO_CHECK  and  it either touches or writes to
Version header in the dependent projects ( at least osg for any example
), the result is that Version.cpp is recompiled, and this forces
re-linking of all the libraries in the dependency chain. I wonder if
this is also the behavior in Linux.
If it is a VisualStudio or CMake specific issue, can any VS/CMake
wizards point to a solution ?

Mihai Radu

Robert Osfield wrote:
> Thanks to the silly copy and paste mistake in Registry.cpp 2.1.14 does
> build under VisualStudio build, I've fixed this error in SVN.  The
> fixed src/osgDB/Registry.cpp file is also attached for you to patch
> locally.
> There is also a reported compile error under XCode build.  This one is
> excruciatingly frustratingly for me as I've have spent lots of hours
> trying to find a workable solution and made many calls for testing
> from XCode users and their silence led me to assume that things were
> fine.  Lack of testing this week by XCode users has wasted a lot of
> mine and others time.
> So please please get involved, don't assume that others will do all
> the hard work for you.  If you want the OSG to work seamlessly for you
>  you have to engage and help out as respond to calls for feedback and
> testing.
> Robert.
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