[osg-users] Subversion Installation Step-Step manual

Jean-Sébastien Guay jean-sebastien.guay at polymtl.ca
Wed Oct 3 07:06:42 PDT 2007

Hello Adrian,

> Here's how I installed and configured apache for svn + dav + ssl on our SVN
> server.

Thibault's setup is also what I use, and it's useable both with  
command-line SVN clients and with TortoiseSVN (which I assume is what  
you mean when you say "tigris.subversion client in explorer" -  
http://tortoisesvn.tigris.org/) and probably with any other SVN client  
as well.

It's a good setup, possibly slightly less secure than through an SSH  
tunnel, but TortoiseSVN has a long-standing bug where it will ask for  
your password each time when going through an SSH tunnel (no "save  
password" option) which does not exist when using https transport, so  
it's less annoying to users.

Good luck,

Jean-Sebastien Guay     jean-sebastien.guay at polymtl.ca

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