[osg-users] OpenSceneGraph-2.1.14 dev version released

Paul Melis paul at science.uva.nl
Wed Oct 3 05:42:28 PDT 2007

Hi Robert,
Robert Osfield wrote:

>    * OpenSceneGraph-2.1.14, released on 3rd Octoberr 2007. Main
>changes are build/executation fixes for OSX/Mingw/Cygwin, full range
>of threading models now enabled in CompositeViewer and improvements to
>the ShadowMap implementation. This will the last developer relese
>before 2.2 (due to be made Thursday 4th October) so please test
Compiles fine on linux (no surprise there).

The osgshadow example, with the default scene (-3 option) seems only to 
generate a black scene here, with any of the shadowing techniques. The 
plane scene (-2) shows the terrain correctly, but the plane is black and 
the shadow cast is rectangular (probably the whole shadowing texture), 
see screenshot. This is on a Quadro4 900 XL, driver 8756, FC4 system. 
Are there any specific extensions that might be missing on my system, is 
availability checked for at startup?

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