[osg-users] Call for feedback : glu.h does itcontain_GLUfuncptr?

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 03:31:41 PDT 2007

HI Alberto,

On 10/3/07, Alberto Luaces <aluaces at udc.es> wrote:
> Oh, in addition OSG is looking for a .so file instead of a .dll...

Looking at the code in osgDB::Registry that creates the plugin names
it looks like it should be setting up the prefix correctly - its code
that has been in place for a very long time, but perhaps the new build
system is changing the rules a bit and that WIN32 isn't defined by
default under Cygwin anymore.

I've tweaked the code so that hopefully CYGWIN will be correctly
picked out.  Could you please try the attached Regisytr.cpp.

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