[osg-users] Call for feedback : OSX Xcode build

Mark Lucas mlucas17 at mac.com
Tue Oct 2 10:03:30 PDT 2007

Just downloaded osg 2.1.13 and tried the build under Xcode  (OSX  
10.4.10 - Xcode 2.4)

AllStandard targets, Development build went fine until target  
osgdb_hdr where it failed to find a system malloc.h

OpenSceneGraph/../../src/osgPlugins/hdr/hdrwriter.cpp:34:20: error:  
malloc.h: No such file or directory


> More platform feedback please, still not heard back from OSX XCode
> build, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX. Cygwin,Mingw and IRIX.
> I'l leave it a couple more hours then if no dissenting voices are
> heard check in this change.
> Robert.
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