[osg-users] running osgversion on Mac, not on console, was RE: Call for feedback : glu.h does itcontain_GLUfuncptr?

Stephan Maximilian Huber ratzfatz at digitalmind.de
Tue Oct 2 09:35:43 PDT 2007

Andy Skinner schrieb:
> Where would static initialization be bringing in
> osgViewer::OSXCarbonWindowingSystemInterface, when all we're doing is
> getting version numbers?
just remove osgViewer from the linking-step. There's no need for it. If 
a user is logged in at the remote mac then you don't see this error.

Regarding OSX 64bit: without Leopard I can't start porting the 
carbon-implementation to 64bit. And to my knowledge not all carbon-stuff 
gets eliminated, only the gui-stuff (and only for 64bit). There's a 
chance that AGL (the carbon interface to OpenGL) will stay alive, also 
the event-handling, because Cocoa uses Carbon events internally, IMHO.


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