[osg-users] Cygwin/Ming plugin names

Andreas Goebel a-goebel at gmx.de
Tue Oct 2 07:17:00 PDT 2007

Robert Osfield schrieb:
> Hi Norman,
> I have just spotted in src/osgPlugins/CMakeLists.txt:
> Which suggests that everything except Mingw has "" prefix.  Personally
> I would have thought we could just have Mingw work with "" as well.
> Mingw and Cygwin users please speak up!
> Robert.
if you would leave the "lib" out the plugins would be named the same for 
mingw and visual c++. This would make it necessary to change the 
path-variable each time you start an osg-program in case you want to use 
both mingw and visual c++.
This is only the case for the plugins, as for the main modules in the 
mingw build the version-number is not attached (in contrary to visual).

I have just done a mingw-build, but I don´t usually use it anymore. At 
the time when I was using both it was very good that they were not named 
the same. I would vote to keep the lib-prefix!



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