[osg-users] OSG blocking on application exit.

Neil Hughes neil.hughes at luk.net
Tue Oct 2 03:56:28 PDT 2007

Nice one.
The only light I can shed on this is that there has been issues with the
various threading models that OSG claims to support. Recent conversation
(today's correspondance is a good example) indicates that all is not great
in multithreaded/multicamera world!
As far as we are concerned for the moment I'm assuming that we will have a
singlethreaded universe. This may well change, however, should we decide to
be clever with reflections and set up a seperate thread for handling the
texture generation of this. However, that's a little way down the road :-)
I note that I don't think this used to happen under OSG1.2 - although I may
be wrong. 

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Hi OSGers,
I'm a bit of a newbie to OSG, but I've been developing an application based
on the osgviewerMFC example in OSG2.0 (built using VS2005).
The problem that I discovered with my application (and the unmodified
example) is that once I have loaded in a model (e.g. cow.osg or glider.osg)
the program does not terminate properly. It seems to close, but remains as a
process consuming CPU resource until I manually terminate it using task
As "a shot in the dark" I guessed the problem might be something to do with
threads, so I added the line:
just before the call to:
This seemed to cure the problem, so just thought someone might find this
info useful. 
Why does this problem occur? 
What have I lost by setting single threaded mode? 
And.. has it been fixed in later versions?
Chris D.


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