[osg-users] Cannot compile osgconv with vrml support

aredmer aredmer at rostock.zgdv.de
Tue Oct 2 02:02:02 PDT 2007


I am not a very good programmer. I am a designer. I need osgconv.exe to
convert vrml files to osg format.

I had already tried the posted instructions to compile it by myself, but
it did not work. I do not remember what error messages remained. Is that
really necessary ?

It would be really very kind, if someone can give me a compiled version of
osgconv for windows. I also think this could be a very usefull programm
for more people like me, so I wonder why there's no binary download for
this tool, is it?!



Jean-Sébastien Guay schrieb:
> Hello Andreas,
>> I have tried unavailingly to compile the VRML Plugin for OSG. I don't
>> get it.
> What have you tried? What messages do you get? Where does it fail?
> Working instructions can be found at
> http://www.openscenegraph.org/projects/osg/wiki/Support/PlatformSpecifics/VisualStudio/VisualStudioPlugins
>> Can someone send me a compiled windows binary of the osgconv.exe
>> programm with enabled VRML support please. It would be very kind.
> It would be preferable if you could find out why you aren't able to  
> compile it yourself, that way if you ever want an updated version you  
> can do it yourself instead of asking again on the mailing list... Try  
> the instructions at the link above, and if you still can't figure it  
> out, tell us what you tried and what messages you get. Without that  
> information we can't help you.
> Good luck,
> J-S

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