[osg-users] Please test SVN version of OpenSceneGraph

Brian Keener brianklistacct at alltel.net
Mon Oct 1 16:49:48 PDT 2007

Robert Osfield wrote:
> > flags and added to CMAKE_C_FLAGS too.  This change is required for some
> > reason to get Tessellator to compile and ignore those GLvoid conversion
> > errors but that it probably all it is doing is ignoring them and allowing
> > Tessellator to compile.
> Which of the above additions to the compiler flags was required to fix
> the log2 errors, which the tessellator ones?

The ifndef log2 fixed the log2 problem.  The change to CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS and 
CMAKE_C_FLAGS fixed the Tessellator but as I say - I'm not sure it fixed as 
much as hid it and I tried using some of the flags but ultimately had to use 
them all and probably had overkill with CMAKE_C_FLAGS.

> > I also had to make a change for osgviewerMFC in the 
> It should be straight forward to disable this example via CMake
> directives if your building under Cygwin.

You are correct - I believe I added a check in the CMakeLists.txt to check fo 
r unix but did find the On/OFF option in CCMake as well.
> > so it would not build and had to remove the references for the wxWidgets
> > (that whole routine could be nicer).
> What errors do you get with wxWidgets?  I presume its installed as
> CMake should build the osgviewerWX example without it.

CCMake should all these individual file name - wxthis and wxthat and had 
d:\whatever next to it - I have no D drive.  I couldn't find a master Wx 
on/off selection but did find some wxRoot and the like on the last CCMake 
screen but wasn't sure which was the main controller so I blanked all options 
that dealt with wx???

> > but I guess still not enough thread changes in Cygwin as osgconv still 
> > on exit and has to be killed.
> Curious.  osgconv is a single threaded app, one of the ones I'd least
> expect any problems.  My best guess is that there is some issue with
> destruction of proxy objects that are created on loading of the
> plugins.
> Does running osgconv without any parameters fail?

Do you mean just osgconv or as I did:

osgconv cow.osg bpkcow.jpg

Oh yeah - one other thing - there is still a problem with plugins - OSG under 
Cygwin looks for the plugins as cygosgdb_whatever but the compile/install 
still leaves them as osgdb_whatever and so they all have to be renamed.


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