[osg-users] Please test SVN version of OpenSceneGraph

Andy Skinner Andy.Skinner at mathworks.com
Mon Oct 1 07:59:31 PDT 2007

It is the issue of () vs (...).

Our Mac guy came by and pointed out that include/osg/GLU has an ifdef
for APPLE where GLU_CALLBACK_PARAMETER is defined to be '...'.  When he
comments this out, it compiles for him.

I see that there was an early August change in this file, but I haven't
been able to figure out the SVN diff command enough to figure out what
specifically it was.

Why does GLU_CALLBACK_PARAMETER need to be ...?

Why aren't more people seeing this?  (Some have seen it, according to
some older messages, but I don't know how they are getting past it now.)

He also asks whether we really need to continue supporting AIX.  He
doesn't know whether the ... is necessary for AIX, but it seems to be
hurting us.

I do think something on our end exposed this (and I don't know what it
was), but we're suspicious of this line.

Could you clear any of this up?


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On 10/1/07, Andy Skinner <Andy.Skinner at mathworks.com> wrote:
> I'm basically treating it like unix.
> I suspect there has been a change in the infrastructure here, because
> built in my sandbox but not in the build and test system we use.  I've
> updated my sandbox, and if I have a problem, it'll because something
> changed here.
> Hopefully it will be something I can do something about.
> The problem is that issue I asked about recently in the tesselation
> code.

The issue of (..) vs (...) parameter type?

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