[osg-users] Changing shapes attributes

Renan Mendes renanmzmendes at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 18:09:36 PDT 2007

Hello, everyone.

To achieve my goal in my OSG application, I need the shapes that are on the
screen to change their colors when selected by mouse picking. All the shapes
that are on the screen, from the class "Sphere", for instance, have the
following pattern of inheritance (in which the symbol '->' means that the
following class inherits the methods from the previous one):

osg::MatrixTransform -> Primitive -> Sphere

With this, I mean that a sphere created is a matrix that has a geode
connected to it, which carries the shape's information on a shapedrawable.

So, how do I change the color of a shape, which is an osg::MatrixTransform
object, if this attribute is only accessible on osg::ShapeDrawable objects?

Thanks very much.

Renan M Z Mendes
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