[osg-users] OSG .net readerwriterOBJ

Michael Wittman wittman at acm.org
Mon Oct 29 10:20:36 PDT 2007

Hi Dave,

Questions are fine, although it's best to post to the osg-users mailing
list so that everyone can benefit.  (Also you're likely to get a quicker

It's good to hear that osgDotNet is running with VS 2008; you're the first
person I've heard from that's tried it.

You should be able to load your Maya models in a very similar way to what
you would do in unmanaged code:

    Osg.Node model = OsgDB.Globals.readNodeFile("file.obj");

You can then set the scene of the viewer to the model.  All of the magic
for the .obj loader happens under the covers in unmanaged code, so you
don't need to worry about it.


> Hi,  sorry if you'd prefer to NOT hear questions from the OSG website.
> I am new to OSG without much experience bridging managed & unmanaged code.
> I have the .net wrappers working with VS 2008 beta C++, creating a cone in
> a
> window.
> I need to be able to load .obj models I created in Maya.  I see the
> unmanaged code for this plugin in the full OSG source I downloaded, but
> can't seem to figure out how to access this from my managed project.
> Thanks for any help, or referrals.
> Dave

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