[osg-users] Geometry-Intersector

Andreas Goebel a-goebel at gmx.de
Sun Oct 28 03:56:18 PDT 2007

Hello group, dear Robert,

Robert wrote a very fine PlaneIntersector to intersect planes with 
arbitrary nodes.

What I think is especially cool is that one gets the intersection as a 
group of connected polylines.

Are there plans for a geometry-intersector, that (as the name suggests) 
intersects a whole geometry with a node?

One approach would be to intersect each triangle with the node and then 
glue together the intersections as done in the planeIntersector.

I have the feeling that starting this from the planeIntersector as a 
base would not be exceedingly difficult, but still difficult for me (as 
I do not fully understand all of the planeIntersector code).

This "brute-force" - approach would be quite slow, I guess. Are there 
other strategies for doing mesh / mesh intersections?



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