[osg-users] sorting polygons

Gerrick Bivins biv at iastate.edu
Fri Oct 26 15:11:27 PDT 2007

Hi All,
Sorry if the question is too vague.We're a bit perplexed about depth sorting
of polygons in OSG.
We've been trying to get some vis working that uses Geometry (display lists
or vbo's) where the primitives in
Geometry need to be blended back to front and we're seeing strange results.
The original view has
the correct blending however as we navigate around, blending isn't correct.
We've been diggin around
and it seems that OSG only does sorting down to the drawable level. Is this
the case? If so, does anyone
one have idea on how to efficiently sort and then blend polys in OSG ? If
not, how do we change things up
so that OSG does sorting on the polys?
Thanks for any ideas here, cuz we've been mulling over this for a few
months. I originally thought it was
our implementation (we initially mixed pure gl calls in OSG drawable similar
to the teapot) but I have
since rewritten our pipeline to use OSG calls and another developer in our
group implemented an effect
that requires this type of blending and he is seeing the same thing I am.
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