[osg-users] Bad representation with the osgViewer::View SKY_LIGHT

Tobias Münch muench.tobias at googlemail.com
Wed Oct 10 05:45:33 PDT 2007

I have a problem with the lighting mode in OSG 2.0.

The SKY_LIGHT of the old osgProducer::Viewer in OSG1.2 is an uniform light
and each object in the scene has the same brightness. Also different viewing
angles didn't have any influence.

The SKY_LIGHT of the new osgViewer::View is a directional light from the top
and only affects the faces that are aligned upwards. Maybe it corresponds
more with the name of a SKY light, but it looks very strange.

I like the effect of the SKY_LIGHT from osgProducer::Viewer more than the
new one. Is there a possibilty to get a uniform light source in OSG 2.0. The
default light source HEADLIGHT is also no option for me, because it produces
different brightness depending on the viewing angle.

So what I need is exactly the effect of the osgProducer::Viewer SKY_LIGHT in
OSG 2.0 and the CompositeViewer.
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