[osg-users] osg 2.2 win32 binaries available

Mike Weiblen mew at mew.cx
Mon Oct 8 23:28:10 PDT 2007

Hi all,

OSG v2.2 win32 binaries built with VisualStudio 8 SP1, packaged as
InnoSetup installer executable or .zip archive, are available at

http://mew.cx/osg/osg2.2.0_vs80_setup_2007-10-08.exe (20MB)
http://mew.cx/osg/osg2.2.0_vs80_setup_2007-10-08.zip (30MB)

941f0aeeeacf45f11f861aa3343898a7  osg2.2.0_vs80_setup_2007-10-08.exe
0ca3c32fa0175be8cdee327d25e687be  osg2.2.0_vs80_setup_2007-10-08.zip

This installer includes the core OpenSceneGraph, sample data and most
3rdParty dependency libraries.
Not yet included are GDAL, VirtualPlanetBuilder, osgToy, osgVRPN or
the COLLADA .dae plugin.

I'm not planning to do a VS7.1 build unless there is pressing demand.

Robert, pls feel free to mirror on the main OSG site.

As always, feedback welcome.

-- mew

README follows...


README.txt for OpenSceneGraph win32 installer
Mike Weiblen - http://mew.cx/  mew-AT-mew-DOT-cx
OSG v2.2 updated 2007-10-08

This is a full-featured runtime package of OpenSceneGraph binaries, 3rdParty
dependency libraries, sample data, plus several additional extensions beyond
the core OSG.

It was built using Microsoft VisualStudio v8.0 SP1 on WindowsXP SP2.
To keep this installer compact, only Release binaries are included.

The OSG website is http://www.openscenegraph.org/

The verbatim source tree used to create these binaries is in osgsrc.zip.

The packaging tools used to build this installer are available from:

The 3rdParty dependency libraries are available from:

Please do not ask the OSG developers for support of this installer or its
contents, as this package is not their doing.

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