[osg-users] VPB with tiled raw data

Christoph Ehrler ehrler-soft at gmx.de
Mon Oct 8 01:48:11 PDT 2007

Hi @ all,

Is it possible to build a paged database with VirtualPlanetBuilder
from heightfield and texture data that is tiled ??  More precise, can
VPB process multiple import data files to build a whole representation
of the area.
What happens, if heightfiled or texture data tiles:
-> overlap
-> do not fit exactly (space between tiles with no data)
-> have not the same resolution

What happens if the heightfield data and the texture overlap not perfectly
(e.g. larger extend of texture than of heightfield or vice versa) ??

Is it possible to have more accurate heightfield data embedded into
more general one (e.g. a precise representation of an area of interest
on a whole globe) ??
Does the more general height data then cut through the precise data
and it ends up with very ugly artifacts??

Thank you for consideration

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