[osg-users] RenderingHint vs binNumber(RenderBinDetails)

Christophe Medard christophe.medard at oktal.fr
Thu Oct 4 03:26:15 PDT 2007

Hi all,

There's something I can't get a clear vision of despite my efforts.
To parameterize order of drawing, there are two levers : renderingHint (set on a node or drawable through it's stateset osg::StateSet::setRenderingHint()) and binnumber (set on a node or drawable through it's stateset osg::StateSet::setRenderBinDetails()). 

I still have two interrogations :

- what is the difference (or should i say level of priority) between renderingHint and binnumber ? *
- there seems to be no notion of inheritance (like there is on a stateattribute typically) for those renderhint or renderbindetail features : if you set a rendering order (through one or the other feature) on a group node, does that rendering order affect the whole subgraph (understand children and children of children) ? What happens if a renderhint or renderdindetail is set again on one child ?

Thanks to anyone capable of clearing that because after different attemps for different purposes, in some cases I succeded to obtain what I wanted, in some cases I didn't, and I'm ending kinda confused on that.


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* There must be a difference between the two since they aren't linked together : setting TRANSPARENT_BIN isn't equivalent to binDetails = 10 because you can do osg::StateSet::setRenderingHint(OPAQUE_BIN) and osg::StateSet::setRenderBinDetails(10), it's valid. 
Saying that I point out that the order of those two calls is important for if you make  osg::StateSet::setRenderBinDetails(10) and osg::StateSet::setRenderingHint(OPAQUE_BIN) your binnumber is 0 !! 
Is that a bug ?

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