[osg-users] osgDotNet and Windows Forms

Gavin Pailing gavin.pailing at offsetservices.co.uk
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Have you made any progress with this as I think that I am having the same

I've been able to build osgDotNet generator and the wrappers and verify that
it is working using the same quad code which runs osgViewer full screen.  I
also followed Jason's example of using TAO to host osg content.  It appears
that the TAO control is working fine (assuming that a plain black background
is to be expected by default) but the OSG content does not appear.

These are my first efforts at using OSG so I apologise if I'm missing
anything obvious.



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Hi Jason,

Thanks for your help!

I've used your code to create a controller in Visual Studio. But when
I try to use the controller in a project it dosen't render anything.

Could you please give me an example of how you use your controller?


>2007/9/19, Jason Beverage <jasonbeverage at gmail.com>:
>Hi Christoffer,
>Here is a simple control that uses TAO to display an OSG window that I've
>used for testing.

>>2007/9/18, Christoffer Markusson <ch.markusson at gmail.com>:
>> I'm using OSG together with C# in Visual Studio 2005 using the
osgDotNet wrappers.
>>Is there an easy way to integrate and display an OSG window in a
Windows Form? >>Does anyone have example code?
>> Christoffer
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