[osg-users] GL compile context problems

Glenn Waldron gwaldron at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 13:07:57 PDT 2007

I'm eager to try out the GL compile context (--cc), but I'm getting odd
results. If I run:

  osgviewerd --cc out.ive

Sometimes I get this error, after which the globe displays with no textures:

  PixelBufferWin32::makeCurrentImplementation(), failed

Sometimes I get this error:

  Warning:: Mipmapped osg::Image not a power of two, cannot apply to
  Received a request to compress an image, but image size is not a multiple
of four (-842150451x-842150451). Reverting to uncompressed.

And sometimes it works and the globe appears OK.

Note that results are the same with the --SingleThreaded option. This is
under OSG SVN (10/2), Win XP, NVIDIA 7800GT, Athlon X2. I have the same
error on another machine, an Intel dual core laptop running XP with a
Any ideas of what to look for? -gw

Glenn Waldron : Pelican Mapping : http://pelicanmapping.com : 703-652-4791
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