[osg-users] Independent prerender step

Kallfass, Daniel, SDGE1 Daniel.Kallfass at eads.com
Tue Oct 2 04:18:38 PDT 2007


What is the correct way to create an independent prerender step in OSG?
I'd like to paint a skydome (from osgEphemeris) to the framebuffer which
doesn't affect the near/far clipping plane computation, the z-buffer,
scene lighting etc.

I've tried around using osg::Camera with PRE_RENDER as render order,
FRAME_BUFFER as rendertargetimplementation and (DEPTH_BUFFER |
COLOR_BUFFER) ss the clear color.

But it seems that this is not quite sufficient to make the prerender
step completely independent from the main render step.

What else do I need to set?



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