[osg-users] osg NodeKit splashscreen

Cedric Pinson mornifle at plopbyte.net
Tue Oct 2 02:27:28 PDT 2007

I saw a post about osgGauge, and i thought my little nodekit could help 
some people who wants a splashscreen with a progress bar ready to use. 
It's a small nodekit but if it can help.

You can find the mercurial repository here or if you only want to see 
result http://www.plopbyte.net/splashscreen :

to test it:
hg clone http://hg.plopbyte.net/splashscreen/
cd splashscreen; autoreconf -f -i ; ./configure ; make; cd example; 

use Enter to increase progress bar and BackSpace to decrase progress bar

+33 (0) 6 63 20 03 56  Cedric Pinson mailto:mornifle at plopbyte.net http://www.plopbyte.net

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